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Ymca nude swimming history.

Ymca nude swimming history. That's why females wre suits.

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I contacted four high school classmates and two others who were also swim teammates, all whom I had not contacted in years.

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It wasn't urban legend; just a normal part of life in a different and much more self-confident time.

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Hope this makes it obvious this was a widely accepted, expected social norm for male swimming when it was only males.

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After the war public nakedness resumed in Germany and across Europe.

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I think the first and most important benefit was self-acceptance.

A bunch of naked boys is not as sexy as boys stripped to high cut running shorts because something is concealed on the running boys.

You are probably aware that a similar situation existed in the UK too; I learned to swim at age 8 Primary Schooland we all swam naked boys and girls alike since it was considered that there was no sperm donor in pussy for segregation nor costumes which were pretty awful anyhow.

I believe that this social expectation or compulsion was far smaller fat black bbw orgys less wrong than, for example, the many layers of American racism, or prejudice against gays and lesbians, or anti-semitism.

In many Ys the tradition of men and boys swimming naked continued throughout the 60s and into the 70s.

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