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White pimple on head of penis.

White pimple on head of penis. Papiloma hirsutoide also known as Penile Papules:

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Popping or squeezing can increase the inflammation, worsen and spread the infection, as well as lead to possible scarring.

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Some signs and symptoms of STDs can be mistaken for just being a pimple or ingrown hair at first.

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Here are 8 nutrient-packed foods known to help with blood flow….

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Don't try to pop any bumps or use pimple cream on them, as this could make things worse.

Symptoms can occur between two days and two weeks after infection.

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Genital herpes can cause grey-white sores to form on or around the penis.

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They can occur on or around the penis and can sometimes be itchy.

It is unclear as to how many men have these papules, but they can occur in anywhere from 14 to 48 percent of men.