Amature nudity reveals to Hannah that her father is a cocaine addict and then threatens her father with the possibility that he would seduce Hannah if he doesn't recant his testimony.">
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When do veronica and logan start dating.

When do veronica and logan start dating. Namespaces Article Talk.

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After Veronica's best friend and Logan's girlfriend Monster energy girls ass Kane was murdered, Veronica was the one person in Neptune who sided with her own father Keith Mars, the sheriff of Neptune at the time when he suspected Lilly's parents of being involved in their daughter's death.

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Logan's case goes to a grand jury, who refuse to indict due to lack of evidence.

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Griffith recants, though Logan develops actual feelings for Hannah and seeks to continue their relationship.

The next day Veronica is approached by the student who bugged Piz's dorm room.

When we first met Veronica Mars and Logan Echollsthey were sworn enemies, and for good reason:

Logan discovers his half-brother when he gets help from Veronica to investigate the disappearance of trust money left to him after Aaron's death.

After finding out who sent the video, Piz and Veronica are eating lunch when the culprit walks in.

Their relationship further grows when Logan saves Veronica from a young undercover ATF agent, who is seeking to frame a local bully for plotting to blow up Neptune High.

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As Logan has begun the process of growing up into adulthood, his relationship with Veronica hits the skids when he becomes worried about Veronica's safety and her continual obsession with putting herself in harm's way while trying fight the forces of evil as a detective.