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Toddler peeing on carpet.

Toddler peeing on carpet. I have never had any luck with the "time out" method.

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Make sure to tell him "Thanks for putting your pee in the toilet.

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Come on, let's get this cleaned up.

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He will grow out of this behavior cam95 com be more secure and respectful of you as a result.

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He will hide somewhere, under persons dating dining room table, beside mine and my husband's bed, the back corner of the hallway, and pee.

He never did it again.

I have tackled all the problems like attention and sleeping and still not come up with a good reason why.

My daughter has suffered from tummy pains since she was six.

You might even have one stuffed animal you're holding ask the one your son is holding, "Why is he doing that?!

And he didn't get his favorites back first.

I know it's negative attention, but that is better than no or little attention.

I would ask your pediatrician and see what he suggests.