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Thot slang definition.

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This is presumably why Shamir says that you can't make a thot a wife — thots, by definition, aren't considered particularly desirable because they sleep around AKA have autonomy over their bodies and sexualitywill inevitably cheat on you because apparently a sexual woman is incapable of being faithful mighty thor vibrator, and have no other qualities besides being hoes.

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Where does thot come from?

Copyright Slang.

According to Urban Dictionary's top definition, a " thot is a hoe ," with the plural being "thotties.

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Writers have called the term misogynistic [4]but some have identified it as also being a classist slur, similar to basic bitch and ratchetidentifying a woman who is not only sexually open but also interested sex slave princess leia using her sexuality to receive inexpensive goods.

And the fact that it sounds exactly like "thought" makes it ripe for puns — thot leader, anyone?

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