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The sims sex mod.

The sims sex mod. I don't have anything else.

Give me the chat line number

Terms of Use.

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Updating will work, at least it worked with Patrons who complained about that.

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As things develop this may change, especially with how I intend to expand the transformation process.

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Names of clips are also temporary maybe.

Oh, if your prostitute is high on Basemental's cocaine up to the bonafide hustler gunit level of the coke high system, then they will have a 20 percent chance to forget to charge clients.

Breeds with thick fur causes clipping with hands.

Now the fun part, for payment your sim will be scored based on the length of time they have sex of the appropriate type with the client.

I add new animations roughly every week exclusively on my Patreon.

They gain flirty buffs that increase in magnitude when they are around their significant other depending on the level of relationship they have.

If you choose 0 simoleons then your sim will be unable to pay off their debt.

Want more of a challenge?