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The narrator of moby dick. The point of view as it relates to a novel is the angle from which the story is told.

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From the first sentence of the novel, we discover that Ishmael is talking in a first-person point of viewtelling the story as an active participant or central narrator.

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He's a previous sea traveler and enjoys being aboard a ship out on the ocean, particularly when he's feeling down.

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In fact, there are numerous locations in the story where Ishmael is telling readers about events he could not possibly have participated in.

Melville leads us through different literary genres in the same way as the Pequod chases the whale, bringing us on a literary journey to parallel the physical and psychological ones of his characters.

While students include the content about their character gleaned from one chapter, they should write in the style of the other chapter.

In short, whenever he finds himself in a bad mood.