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Som rocket sex machine.

Som rocket sex machine. Going 4 weeks here now hurts.

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This baby promises results in just 60 days, provided of course that you follow the correct exercise regimen.

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It produces the same feel of the Rocket, generally compared to someone else is giving you a handjob, but with less control over the stroke rate and without the positioning seat.

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I do love the Head Exciter, although I'm unsure about the name.

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Blowjob toys have made my masturbation life times better.

A few years back splits tumblr was a very popular sex machine called the Mens SOM Rocket Type, a kind of thrusting onacup which performed an awesome job of jerking you off while you did nothing but watch -- and enjoy!

Would you believe that I actually attempted to make a masturbator when I was a kid, using my erector set.

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What we see most around the web on the negative side is Som masturbators are pricey and noisy.

The Gyro Roller locks with an onacup like an accessory, making the actual unit very compact and versatile -- unlike most sex machines or masturbots that can be a little cumbersome.

Longer and bigger beats better performance any time, although you would score big if you've got the moves to go with the high-powered weaponry.