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Sexual predator strangle scene movie. Angie Everhart is Richard Grieco's horny parole officer.

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She is pretty good at what she does and not unnaturally deformed either.

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Angie Everhart is in most of them, so that's enough to keep the grade fairly high.

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The real star of these scenes is the actress who plays Lisa, the woman killed in the beginning.

Munn has accused her cast-mates of failing to reach out to her after she blew the whistle on Striegel last month.

The story is just absurdly terrible, stupidity piled upon stupidity, all capped off in the end with as stunningly stupid a imgur sex pics as you could imagine.

Not even in the bizarro universe dating a black guy a guy who looks like that AND whimpers like a little puppy in several scenes get a second look from a woman who looks like Angie, let alone being a steady boyfriend.

If she doesn't, I guess she can always marry the prince of Monaco!

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Angie's close ups reveal more makeup than what a 4 year old daughter would paint on herself if she ever got into your makeup cabinet.

Unfortunately it delivers absolutely nothing else.