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Real cheerleader pics.

Real cheerleader pics. However, organized cheerleading started as an all-male activity, inat Princeton University.

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Princeton is credited with having the very first cheer from the stands.

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Still, you would think one of her teammates would at least be nice enough to help her fix her hair.

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This leads to forcefully continuing the performance, and the wardrobes reveal it all.

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This embarrassing photo of the NFL cheerleader went viral and most probably ruin her life and career.

A cheer-pyramid gone wrong in not a pretty sight as we can see from this image.

The Unbuttoning That is why cheerleaders are recommended to wear dresses that have no button because they will tear up anyway.

You would have to think she knows, that by standing next to the sidelines, that there is a good chance this sort of thing could happen.

A large number of college aged American men were off fighting in WWII; this created an opportunity for hot oily babes across the country to participate in the sport at the collegiate level.