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Pierced tongue gag.

Pierced tongue gag. Rating Newest Oldest.

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It depends on the country, but in general, if you are under 18, you would need a written parental permission to get your tongue pierced.

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In this case, you may experience bleeding, tongue discoloration, pain, extra swelling, appearance of yellow and green pus.

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All the described types are inside mouth piercings, and here is the short explanation of each of them.

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Read more about double tongue piercing.

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Keep in mind, that the most important part of the piercing is not the actual procedure, but what is happening after.

Using different colors or materials of jewelry you can make it catchy and even crazy.

The signs of an infection include excess swelling, redness, bleeding, presence of pus, discoloration of the tongue, continuing bleeding, red streaks.

In case you have too big or non-fitting jewelry, you risk having problems with your teeth.

Tongue piercing at 15?

For all types of tongue piercings, presented below, there are some common pros and cons.