flash ebony busty divergent boundary with the Antarctic Plate, and gives rise to the Pacific-Antarctic underwater ridge.">
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Pacific and asian plates.

Pacific and asian plates. Of particular concern are earthquakes and volcanoes; in addition, the presence of intercontinental seas separating densely populated metropolises means that the threat of tsunamis ffm threesome gifs looms over southeast asian countries.

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The plates perform as hard and rigid shells which constitute the foundations of our terrestrial geography.

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Similarly the South Lara jingle nude Plate extends across the western part of the southern Atlantic Ocean, while the European and African plates each include part of the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

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The southern part of Zealandiawhich is to the east of this boundary, is the plate's largest block of continental crust.

Some transform faults connect continental parts of plates.

The largest earthquakes occur near the surface where the subducting plate is still cold and strong.

The colliding continental material will not be subducted because it is too light i.

Polygons created using Google Earth.

Vertical subduction is unique to the Pacific slab in this area, but the resulting Mariana Trough is cheerleader nip slip pics in tectonic setting to the East Scotia Ridge, Antartica; both are important back-arc spreading centres.

If spreading along the mid-Atlantic ridge continues to be slower than spreading within the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean will start to close up, and naked princess porn in a million years or more North and South America will collide with Europe and Africa.