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Nude young art models. Although these professions share the trait of physical bareness, the purpose of their consumption is completely divergent.

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The next time Van Dusseldorp has the robe on, he says a lot of artists prefer a model who has a unique look.

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Battling personal grief, corporate power, and her mother's guilt, Helfand turns the camera on herself and her family to document her battle with DES-related cancer.

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When I am satisfied, I remove my dress again,leaving it on a nearby table so I can easily reach it when my next break is scheduled.

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She also models for other nearby colleges and art studios, and does a great deal of private modeling for local artists.

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The artists thank me on their way out, they compliment my gracefulness and stillness, revealing their hopes to work with me soon again.

While not far from her, another student named Toby paints a gruesome sight.

Recently I finished reading a memoir, lent to me by an amateur artist the previous year.

The format today will be 10 one-minute gestures, followed by two one-hour poses.