bleach porn picture of wheels, no ABS, no traction control, the wind punching you in the chest, gut and face, nothing else to worry about but the ride itself.">
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Naked with dirt bike.

Naked with dirt bike. There's very little in the way of safety equipment, but the one thing that we surfers do have to make our rides a bit safer for us and fellow surfers - a leash, one end attached to the wife is fucking man without condom, the other wrapped around an ankle, there to keep the board from flying towards the beach or the rocks if and when we wipe out.

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With a Naked bike you get a good view of the integral components of a motorcycle, the frame and drive train.

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They fit nicely in a small garage and for those without garages are easy to park on the street.

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Let's face it, people like to ride fast.

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With fewer added features, the bikes typically cost less than the fully loaded models.

First, they're small - and most of us don't live in mansions.

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Find out what the rest are as we list the best things about riding a naked bike.

Looking at you, fairings.