topless beach gifs the dungarees porn to freedom, and it wasn't her fault that she was born as an "ar-dat-yak-shi", and her mother has gone too far in trying to either quarantine or kill her own daughter.">
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Morinth kills shepard.

Morinth kills shepard. How about that as a reason?

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Again, I feel like Shepard would choose whoever he thought would help him the most.

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On reflection I still can't say I'd do it, if only out of a desire to keep the number elizabeth gillies having sex biotic nutcases on the Normandy down to a minimum.

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Is that really paragon?

I'd apologize for slipping off the Normandy without saying goodbye, but we both know the Alliance wouldn't take too kindly to my presence there.

If Morinth has replaced Samara, Kelly Chambers and Kasumi Goto notice a change in her behavior, suggesting that her impersonation of wwwspreadinghairycom mother isn't perfect.

Morinth has some incredible power.

Nihlus won against her.

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At least the shuttle part of the plan is still solid enough, so she heads for the elevator, back straight and expression stoic.