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Linda cardellini and jason segel.

Linda cardellini and jason segel. So that was scary.

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Wilson—Biff from Back to the Future, but all grown up and teaching P.

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Are the pages really turned enough Is this just an act Is he really reading James Joyce in the eight minutes between lighting setups And he was.

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But that's how I kind of went into it, thinking 'I've got to protect my performance, because they don't know and they'll make me look bad.

We need dudes that are a little insecure.

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We had a really intense thing when we worked together.

After a tight ass naked attempt to get useful information from some female prostitutes on Santa Monica Boulevard—during which the hookers insisted on touching his penis, purportedly to establish that he was not an undercover cop—he went to New Orleans, where he was introduced to a guy who was supposedly a gigolo.

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Come on mood shift, shift back to good again Come on, be a friend.

And so that was weird.