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Joe anglim and jenn brown. Surfing and hockey.

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Shirin, feeling on the bottom of the tribe, pleaded to the Mike to keep her around more, while Sexy and pussy went to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

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I would absolutely kill it in the game and I could use the bucks.

He loves outdoor activities such as hiking and camping too.

Unfortunately for them, Shirin was working on a plan to somehow save her ill-fated ally.

Witches' Coven.

At the merge on Day 17, the alliance gained Shirin's vote but lost Kelly's as they knew she would go back mastrubation tumblr her original tribe, Escameca.

By quitting without actually quitting, Jenn pinned herself into a corner:

For the first time since the merge, Joe did not win the individual immunity challenge and to say that the Blue Collar alliance was overjoyed would be an understatement.