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How to milk a dick.

How to milk a dick. I usually tease him for a while before I let him ejaculate.

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The perineum is a small, smooth patch of skin located between the testicles and the anus.

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Mandy enjoyed milking his nuts because of the huge loads she got to eat.

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Then release his nuts and suck them into your mouth and lick them in the warmth for about a minute.

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This method is called milking his nuts and will produce an unusually large thick load of cum because his semenal fluid gland will respond to the forced milking of the sperm into the ejaculatory flow.

Also, have plenty of lube on standby.

Make sure that your middle knucle is placed on either side of the middle of each nut.

Also, have plenty of lube on standby.

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The best position for us is with my husband on his back, legs spread.

You'll know when you find his prostate because he'll MOAN!

I started milking the prostate a few years ago after reading some literature on the subject.