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How to find out if someone is getting a divorce.

How to find out if someone is getting a divorce. Check out his car.

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In Greenville, SC if someone seals divorce records can you still see if the divorce was filed and completed?

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Sandvick worked as a civil litigator in California for over 7 years.

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If your spouse is local, in another county, or even another state, they may have sent the divorce documents to the sheriff to serve on you.

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Courts may charge for searches or copies of documents.

We married in Idaho.

Try to find out if you have any mutual friends that might know the person's marital status.

A divorce is final when the divorce decree is signed by the court.

At worst you may embarrass yourself a little, but being straightforward is generally the best policy.

All attorneys store these records for many years after the divorce is finalized.

You might consider guessing which county in Pennsylvania and see if the Pennsylvania court clerk there can better assist you or tell you which county courthouse your divorce was filed in.