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How can a woman be better in bed.

How can a woman be better in bed. It's not always easy for us to tell our partners exactly what we want.

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How do couples strike this tricky balance?

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Research also shows that when one partner is overly focused on their partner's needs, to the exclusion of their own needs, neither partner benefits, Muise says.

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But how about meeting us part-way?

And you know what?

And couples who talk about sex are much more satisfied with their sex lives.

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We're not suggesting you always put the other person first after all, your orgasms are important toobut it can be really hot to focus on pleasing your partner every once in a while, just for the sake of satisfying them.

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Just talking about them with your partner can turn you and him on.

The truth is men viscerally and uncontrollably respond to femininity and will always do.