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Hookup a girl in your college class.

Hookup a girl in your college class. But if you're like most guys, it's the opposite.

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Additionally, if you do choose to be sexually active in college, make sure that you're practicing safe and consensual sex.

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What I really want to rentmassuer about here is the "instant social circle" problem.

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He has no problem with hooking up with each one of your friends by jumping from one to the next.

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He may not be taking your relationship as seriously as you wished he would if it started out as a random hook-up.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to do this on a college campus.

In fact, there's a better way to let a woman feel comfortable letting her guard down around you and trusting you to be discreet:

Why's this work?

My current boyfriend was super willing to oblige me when I was moving away, so we went out and ended up at the bar.