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Hammer in vagina.

Hammer in vagina. Jury out on new Paris fountains.

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French farmers nervous as EU funding reforms loom.

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In a viral video, which was posted on a popular Chinese social media site Weibo, a woman is seen lying on her back, legs held apart by giant penis gif as bricks are smashed on her vagina using a hammer.

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When asked why he's called black hammer"Because when I whip out my penis it hits the floor and makes a thud.

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The female may not be able to resist such advances, but her convoluted vagina gives her ultimate control over where the sperm of her current partner ends up.


Describes in two words what happens when a black man whips out his penis.

To gain the edge in these conflicts, drakes have evolved large corkscrew phalluses, lined with ridges and backward-pointing spines, which allow them to deposit their sperm further into a female than their rivals.

Ruling in favour of man who has brain cancer may have implications for other inmates.

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Poorest families will not lose out over new childcare support scheme