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Degrassi having sex and videos. Riley admits to his mistake, and the team gets to play.

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Later Drew and Katie leave the hospital to find Bianca outside Vince's safehouse to probably shoot him.

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Later, they are shown outside the principal's office.

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Fiona orders him to get out.

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She tells him that she is so glad that she didn't lose her virginity to him, and tries to walk away, before he grabs her arm to stop her.

Maya Matlin In YesMeansYesat Maya's house, Maya is doing homework while Zig is staring at her, Maya asks what he is studying and Zig says he is studying her lips, Maya asks what he wants, Zig says he wants them to have a "break" before climbing across the angry cheating songs and sitting next to her, Zig kisses her on the neck and then Maya kisses him, Maya father and daughter sex stories to say she doesn't have time for this but Zig drags her on top of him and they start kissing, Maya pulls away and Zig starts kissing her neck, Maya yells out for him to stop but he keeps going until she hits him in the face, Maya instantly apologies and explains shes really busy and has a cosplay pussy tumblr to do, Zig decides to leave.

He asks her what she is doing here, but when Katie realizes that he didn't want to see her, she begins to cry.

Nystrom says that Jordan talks about her all the time, and says he hears that Emma's a fellow hiker.

He asks if she's the girl.

Main Plot Miles and Tristan run into relationship troubles when they disagree on the importance of sex after playing truth or dare and Miles tells Tristan his sex number.

Connor tells her that he thought they were going to play the game, but she thinks he's silly.

When Drew finally climbs down the steps, Mike asks him how it went with Katie, with Owen video recording his response.