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Deep penetration fillet weld.

Deep penetration fillet weld. One major field is directed toward joint tracking systems aiming at compensating for tolerances in fixturing and manipulator motions.

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This integration should also be made in such way that it does not impose major restrictions on the flexibility of the welding tool.

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Generally no design credit of extra weld strength is given for normal root penetration.

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Commun Stat:

The noise in the signal extracted from the two previous steps includes a significant interference from the robot torch weaving.

To achieve complete joint penetration, the plates must be beveled, as in the double V joint shown in the top picture.

This benefit could be potentially realised by using the Submerged Arc Welding SAW process, known for its deep penetration capabilities.

When welding on thin material, such as gauge thickness sheet metal, too much penetration can cause the weld to burn all the way through the joint and fall out the bottom.

A great contribution has been made by the staff at the Volvo CE Arvika plant.