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Coconut multiple oil sclerosis virgin.

Coconut multiple oil sclerosis virgin. Potential implications for disease.

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But there are other oils or herbal preparations in coconut oil that are more suitable for smooth skin.

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But there isn't any peer reviewed research on the topic.

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Hi, I have read both of Dr Wahls books.

I still have some symptoms of MS like right-side weakness, and it affects my walking distances and Ampyra and the Bioness system is my plan to increase my walking distance.

I use it for stir fry, skin moisturizer, eat it plain for instant energy, suntan lotion, and as a hand cream.

References Aguiar A.

It's meant to be good for loads of health things, so why not?

Coconut oil proponents point to studies of indigenous populations in parts of India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Polynesia, whose diets include copious amounts of coconut.

They are among the least healthy people in the world.