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Coach mcguirk bartender.

Coach mcguirk bartender. Episode was all over the place, with nary a funny moment to be found.

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Namely, the problem is that Rear Window parodies play out in an obvious fashion, and there really wasn't much here beyond that.

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Coach McGuirk goes to bartending school.

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Melissa accidentally eats part of the pie nude amy smart the performance, causing her to run off stage in fear that she will die, but Paula reveals she went out and got another pie.

Just seeing Brendon walk around in the bottom half of his horse costume made me laugh.

A Good Episode.

Jason was on target a lot this episode.

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The Landstander:

At point the series actually felt like a parody of parodies of Rear Window, however this tumblr spanking gay fell apart and it was just the standard plot which took up too much of the episode.