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Ben shapiro osu.

Ben shapiro osu. Wait — who did President Trump strip the citizenship from?

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Brian November 15, at

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Get your priorities straight and quit defending actual fascism by trying to deflect on the only people who actualy oppose fascism.

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He traffics in half truths and thinly veiled hate speech along with a heavy dose of elitism and perverse nationalism.

Mark November 14, at 7:

Hate speech is incitement.

With supporters and dissenters looking on, Ben Shapiro delivered his conservative message to a full house while those opposed to his message — and those outright opposed to him being allowed to speak — protested outside.

It has been refreshing to read just how juvenile a person of your political bent TRUE fascism can be.

Their casual privilege and disrespect was on full display at this event.

Your childish selfishness betrays your inability to listen to opposing views.

Brian November 15, at

I never said I supported a right wing platform.