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Anime cat gif.

Anime cat gif. Not for commercial use!!!

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For example, the ones who follow young magical girls around, giving them advice.

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Not to be confused with the gothic lolita girl in Oreimothis black cat is a famous photo-bomber, popping in with a "Nyaa" when you least expect it!

President Aria is the namesake for the Aria water-guide company, and therefore the namesake for the entire series!

So maybe he isn't the most traditionally cute cat on our list.

Technically, Jibanyan is the ghost of a cat that got squished by a truck, and now vows vengeance on all things large and wheeled.

She and her counterpart Artemis are in charge of guiding the Sailor Scouts in their quest to find and protect the princess, granting them magical gadgets to help them along.