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Alcoholism effect on sperm.

Alcoholism effect on sperm. If you are experiencing infertility, a male fertility specialist can help you get a better understanding of the impact lifestyle factors have on sperm quality.

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A large Danish study of healthy young men nuist teens the ages of found that even modest drinking habits — as little as 5 drinks per week — big boobs naked women negatively affect the amount of sperm producedthe concentration of sperm per milliliter of semen, and the morphology of sperm a measure of how well-formed the sperm are.

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Sperm passes your genes from you to your child, and being overweight can affect how these genes function.

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Take it easy on these ones, Dad.

Reproductive Health, 11 Suppl 3S6.

However, this benefit comes at a cost.

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Being overweight also reduces testosterone male sex hormone production, which can cause sexual problems, such as difficulties getting an erection.

It seems that drinking between one and five units per week is the magic number for healthy sperm, as - interestingly - abstinence shannon becker slut also linked to poorer sperm quality.

But they do have specific guidelines for those trying to conceive.