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Ahsoka tano playboy.

Ahsoka tano playboy. Ahsoka Tano Figure02 by Peter Csanadi.

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Ahsoka Tano Figure02 by Peter Csanadi.

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This is based on material that would eventually have bubble butt indian one of the final episodes of the Clone Wars, had the show not been cancelled.

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They are ambushed by Droids and General Grievous.

Ahsoka is forced to face-off against Barriss after the Padawan is infected by brain worms whilst Anakin uses a Dark-Side method to get some answers out of the Geonosian leader- Poggle the Lesser.

The Citadel's warden, Osi Sobeck, activates a magnetic roof where the Republic force is moving and all their weapons, and General Skywalker, are pulled away.

Piell and his fleet officer, Captain Tarkin, are liberated from their cells, but now the fugitives pic adult escape the Citadel itself.

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