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78 mg midget engine.

78 mg midget engine. Illustrerad Motor Sport in Swedish.

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The car is a lot of fun, but it was a fairly difficult conversion with all the metal that had to sri lankan big ass removed, then reinforced to carry the extra power and weight.

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MG also shortened and raked the front grill, which allowed the hood to sit lower and improve aerodynamics.

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The problem lies in the rear axle, strong enough for thebut would need to be replaced for any engine with much more power and certainly the stock ratio doesn't work well with most swaps.

It needs restored but I have a new trunk floor for it and other patch panels.

Because Midgets have never been anything but cheap some of them for over half a century nowmany cars have had all sorts of work and modifications done, reversed, and redone over the years.

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Prices have inched up a bit, but value trends show them staying steady for the foreseeable future.

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Increasing the compression, a mild cam, and converting to the European style dual SU carbs can really wake up that little motor at a reasonable price.